Zenith Park Disc Golf Course
Cloudcroft, New Mexico 

High in the cool Pines of the Sacramento Mountains, Cloudcroft New Mexico is the ideal setting for the disc golfer (or anybody) wanting to get away from it all.

Nestled in the middle of Cloudcroft on Hwy. 82, Zenith Park offers a skating rink (with rentals) ,tennis courts, restrooms and one of New Mexico's newest disc golf course's. Its central location has plenty of places for both food and lodging as well as camping facilities, all close by..

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Other area's of interest

Cloudcroft Chamber Of Commerce's: (505) 682-2733 

Cloudcroft Online

The Cabins @ Cloudcroft (very close to the course)

Other Disc Golf site's

The New Mexico Disc Golf Club

PDGA Home Page

Disc Golf.com

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