Windrider mini's  
Rec tees will be played on Thursday until June 1, then we will start to
alternate rec and pro as last year (1,3,5 rec, 2,4 pro). Also, on the same date, we will begin to alternate the Saturday event (pro on 1,3,5 and 2,4 rec). Also, we will change from 2 on Saturday to 10:00 on June 1.
Ace pots accrue depending on the players at each weekly event
monthly singles every third Sunday at 1:00

Nights are getting longer and the days are getting hotter!  Some people only get to play on Thursday's, others only on Saturday.  The Thursday players get tired of playing rec tees all of the time and similarly so for the Saturday players on the pro tees. Soooo, we try to make everyone happy...try being the key word. 

Thursday:  We play doubles every Thursday during daylight savings time (basically from April 1 to Nov 1 of each year) at 6 pm.  We play always from the rec tees during the shorter nights at the beginning and ending of daylight savings time.  We alternate rec and pro tees beginning on June 1 all of the way through to October 1.  The first, third, and fifth (if any) Thursday play is from the rec tees.  That leaves the second and fourth Thursday for the pro tees.

Saturday:  We play doubles on all Saturdays of the year.  We play at 2 pm most of the year.  But, because of heat, we move the Saturday play to 10 am from June 1 to Oct 1.  We usually play from the pro tees on Saturdays except those key dates again of June 1 to Oct 1 each year.  At that time we alternate.  The first, third, and fifth (if any) are from the pro tees and the second and fourth Saturday is from the rec tees.

Sunday:  We play singles every third Sunday of the month at 1:00pm.  We are looking at increasing singles play.

Fee's are $5 for Windrider members and $6 for non members.
Automatic Ace Pot
 All skill levels are welcome.
Guaranteed disc to first time players.
 Payouts are in new disc and depends on the number of entries. 

 The fee for Windrider membership is $10 for one year and entitles you to discounts off club merchandise and events. For more information on become a Windrider member you can attend any of the scheduled events or send correspondence by clicking here

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