Disc Golf    

Disc Golf is the fastest growing sport in the US.  About  5 million individuals have played disc golf.  Texas has over 100 courses (the most in the US).  In our area there are courses in Amarillo, Big Spring, Midland, and Abilene.  There are preliminary plans for courses in Seminole, Roswell, and a second course in Lubbock.  Lubbock has the distinction of being home to one of the best courses in the state and region.  Our course has pro and recreational tees (most are concrete), multiple basket positions,  and a very diverse terrain (big trees, water, hills, brush, etc.). 

Disc Golf is played very much like regular golf. You try to minimize the shots that you take.  But, instead of swing a club and hitting a ball, you throw a disc.  Simple?  Now throw in the wind and trees (the tree is 80% air no longer applies).  In regular golf there are different clubs and the same is true in disc golf.  There are discs, if thrown correctly, slice or hook (in disc golf that is hyzer and anhyzer).  There are discs that work well with the wind, there are discs that work well into the wind, there are discs that are used as rollers, there are discs that float, etc.  We use drivers off the tee (record was set in New Mexico at 694 feet. That is about two and a third football fields long!), we use different disc to approach the basket, and we use putters to hit chain. There are also the different types of shots: forehand, backhand, tomahawk, turbo, forehand roller, backhand roller, and more.  So, you can see that disc golf is probably more diverse than regular golf and is not the old throw the Frisbee in the back yard. 

But with all the types of discs and shots  to consider, the sport is still extremely player friendly and it is easy to learn and pick up the basics of how to throw properly.  Advanced players enjoy playing with beginner players. Multipul placements and recreational tee's accommodate every skill level making this a great sport for the entire family.

 Patrick Kitten.


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