Mackenzie Park Downloads

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Background  Pictures
Windows users can click on the small image, then right click on any images you might like to save as a background. For maximum effect go to Windows--- Settings---Control panel---Display. There under background properties set display setting in the right bottom corner to Stretch.

00000009.jpg (82804 bytes)    basket14e.jpg (69426 bytes)   basket16.jpg (60721 bytes)  

  basket4b.jpg (62022 bytes)   Rugals.jpg (60727 bytes)   cliff.jpg (57709 bytes) 

     people16.jpg (52367 bytes)  lubbocksnow.jpg (57126 bytes) pony_hole2.jpg (104509 bytes)

Look for new pictures in 2005 !
Should you need any of these images for the purpose of promoting disc golf, Please feel free.

Click here for a Mackenzie Park Screensaver
(Mackenzie.exe 3036KBs)
Windows users should just click here. You will have a chance to preview the screensaver before you install it. I don't know what to tell you Mac users. Sorry!

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